Sunday, August 19, 2012

cupcake ideas

I had a group of church ladies over to do a basics cupcakes class.  I showed by using techniques you can really create a variety of cupcake designs.  These cupcakes were decorated with a star tip or round opening.  There is a pull out star purple monster.  Blueberry pie,  stars and stripes, and sugar sheets ribbon rose.

Rapunzel water latern cake

I was asked to make a Rapunzel Lantern scene cake.  The cake is vanilla cake with Chocolate mousse filling and whip cream frosting.  The family purchased the Rapunzel and Flynn Rider figures and boat to put on top.  I used blue piping gel to make the water.  The flowers are made of gumpaste.  Below the boat is the shadow of the castle and the reflection of the laterns in the water.

Curious George Cake

For my daughter's 3rd birthday we did a Curious George inspired cake.  Both of my children LOVE that curious monkey.  So I used the largest Pampered Chef glass measuring cup to bake the cake and then made the curious George out of rice crispy treat and covered it with fondant.  Simple but cute.

My daughters and I were doing an alphabet lesson.  So we make cookies and cut out animal shapes.  Then we molded the letter that the animal started with on top.  It was a sound does this letter make lesson for my older daughter, and a what is this letter lesson for my younger daughter.  The cookies are Peanut Butter.

These are the cupcakes I made for my daughter's 3rd birthday.  Since we had family coming that weekend, we saved the Curious George cake for the weekend and ate cupcakes on her actually birthday. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

April and May Cakes

 Aunt Sue was celebrating 60 years and is a huge chocolaholic.  So this truffle cake was for her special day.  This chocolate cake is filled with chocolate mousse and covered in ganache icing with truffle roses.  It is a cake to be eaten with milk.

 Sophie was having a 5th birthday and wanted it all Rapunzel.  This is the tower I created to put on top of the cake.  The finished cake is below with Rapunzel.  All decorative items were made of royal icing or gumpaste (nothing store purchased). 

 A ducky baby shower. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Eagle Scout Cake

This cake was made to honor a young man that as earning his Eagle Scout Award.  He wanted a lemon cake and lemon curd filling.  The icing is vanilla buttercream.  The medal on the top of the cake is a replica of the medal he was receiving at the Court of Honor.  I fashioned the red/ white/ and blue ribbon out of buttercream icing.  The silver parts of the metal were made of fondant that was luster dusted with silver luster dust.  I had fun carving the eagle design out of the fondant.  Congrats Andrew for such an accomplishment.

A Sweet Pea Baby

A sweet Pea Baby cake.  This cake was made for a baby shower for a boy.  The baby was modeled out of gumpaste and wrapped in a pea pod.  Then  more little pea pods were added at the bottom border.  The cake was vanilla with vanilla buttercream.

An Alice in Wonderland Inspired Wedding Cake

The bride, her mother, and I got together and designed this cake based from the Alice in Wonderland themed reception they were having.  They really liked the concept of the Hat and teacups.  The reception was beautifully decorated, using tea cups a lot.  So using a tea cup at the Cake Topper was perfect.  So the red rose rose bush was a red velvet cake with white chocolate icing.  The black mad hatter hat was carrot cake with cream cheese icing, and the teacup was white cake with vanilla icing.  The cake was so much fun and I enjoyed making it.  Congrats Abbie and Charles.

Work in progress:  Still Adding the roses to the rose bush.

Cake at the reception site

Top down look.

A rose bush without roses

Tea cup, Mad Hatter Hat, and rose bush, Alice in Wonderland inspired wedding cake.